Software Development

Software and Application development jobs are one of our core specialities. Our expertise in this field has led to longstanding and exclusive relationships with many of our clients.

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Whether it's a Global Enterprise or a local start-up, we pride ourselves on placing our candidates in a culture where they can thrive.

Dedicated Specialists, Leading Clients.

We can connect you with the best permanent and contract Software Development opportunities. We service a wide range of businesses from Australian offices of Global Enterpise to leading Australian businesses and local start-ups. Our team of dedicated specialists understand the technology and have good insight into our client's businesses. They also have regular training to keep up-to-speed with industry trends.

We're always keen to hear from Developers and can provide you with market insight and advice.  You can check out some of our tips here

Common skillsets we recruit for 

  • Development Languages/Frameworks: Java, J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, C#, ASP.Net, MS.Net, .Net, PHP,                       FLEX, HTML, CSS
  • Architectural Methodologies: SOA, Microservices
  • Development & Testing Methodologies: Iterative, Agile / Scrum, Waterfall, Modular, V Model
  • Web Application Servers: Weblogic, Websphere, Tomcat
  • Testing Tools: Mercury Test Director / Quality Center, JIRA, Loadrunner/Winrunner

Software Developer contract  opportunities

Because software development jobs are often built around project work, we're often asked to find great talent at short notice. If you're open to contract work it's important to have your details on our database so we can have you on the radar should the right opportunity come up.

Software Developer permanent vacancies

 We pride ourselves on our ability to find talent that's not only a great skills match, but also a strong cultural fit for our client's team. Sometimes your dream role may come up when you're not even looking, so make sure you're on our database so we can be in touch.

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Market trends and insights

Our tips for standing out in the competitive software development space

Market trends and insights

Keep skills current 

Demonstrate your ongoing committment to your profession by showing potential employers how you are further developing your skills and experience. If you are actively pursuing these interests it's a good idea to add it to your LinkedIn and resume. Here's some ideas:

  • Attend meet-ups
  • Participate in open source coding projects
  • Participate in hackathons
  • Keep learning new technical skills
  • Cross-train into similar verticals

Be prepared for technical testing

Increasingly companies are using technical tests at early stages of their shortlist assessment.

Typical programs include HackerRank testing and internally developed coding challenges. The two things typically being assessed are the structure of your thinking and your coding under time pressure. You don't always need to do well at both depending on what the company is looking for.

It's a good idea to look online for some practice exercises and research on glass door to see what other candidates have experienced.

Develop your teamwork and business skills

As you will see if you look at the Spark Illuminate video series below, a major trend in many leading edge companies is for employees to operate 'outside of their box'

The goal is for all employees to fully understand the business problems they are solving and to add value from different perspectives.

There is an increasing trend toward pair programming and deploying people to a broader range of projects, pushing them to develop their skills using new and different technology.​ Some businesses even run development teams across geographical boundaries using state of the art technology.

Show your interpersonal skills

No matter how good your technical skills are, people still hire people. Cultural fit will generally be a major consideration of any hiring process. 

 We suggest that you prepare for interviews by focusing not only on technical answers, but on your working preferences and style.  It's important to be authentic about what works best for you and to also to demonstrate how you work well in teams and with others. The 'Your Spark' strengths profiler is one good tool we offer in helping you to know your strengths and to sell them with confidence.