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Your Spark Strengths Profiler

Fast Facts:

The Your Spark Strengths Profiler is based on  well established Jungian theory. It is a short online questionnaire with 20 forced preference questions. Results are shared instantly.

There is no 'ideal profile,'organisations look for different things for specific teams and roles. 

 A profile is an indicator of preference, not a classification used for decision making. It is used simply to target interview questions and provide deeper insight around cultural fit.

Thousands of people have completed the questionnaire so far and the feedback is overwhelmingly positive. 

Why is it helpful?

For Candidates: It helps to define your preferred working style  which helps you to sell yourself confidently at interview.

For Employers: It helps to give greater depth to the recruiting process, allowing for interviews which provide greater insight about potential cultural fit.

For us: Because Spark Recruitment is very committed to matching candidates with organistions that have a strong cultural fit, it also gives us valuable insight to assist to help get the most out of interviews and recruitment processes.

What is the output?

There are 8 Your Spark Profiles. Upon completion of the questionnaire you will be sent a snapshot of your profile.

How do I access it?

You can access the profiler here


Your profile is confidential and results are shared with you instantly.  We briefly discuss the profile with you and welcome your feedback. It is presented as part of the briefing pack to clients should you be put forward to client interview and also kept on file to save you time for future interviews.

For more information please contact us