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We find you the right job, not just any job.

We're technology recruitment specialists who care about you

We take time to understand what you are looking for and we have a deep understanding of the employers we recruit for. This helps us to help you find a job that you will be successful and happy in.

We love helping people to grow and progress through their careers.  Many people contact recruiters when they want a pay-rise. At Spark, we understand that salary is only one part of your dream role equation. Job satisfaction also relies on company culture, opportunities for future growth and work-life balance. 

We understand that the right, or wrong, job can have a huge impact on your happiness. That's why we're focused on helping you find a role that meets both your personal and professional goals.

The best role may not be advertised

Spark recruits for some of Australia’s highest profile employers – the brands you want to work for. We have long-standing and exclusive relationships with a number of clients, so you have access to jobs that can’t be found anywhere else. Because we live and breathe IT, we routinely work across a broad spectrum of roles including niche areas. Through our strong industry partnerships we have our finger on the pulse around the skills, experience and personalities that are in demand, providing access to the best roles before they are even on the market.

We know IT

As specialist IT recruiters our training isn’t restricted to recruitment – we facilitate regular information sessions with your peers. You won’t have to waste time explaining  what you do.

We help you identify “your spark”

Our unique “Your Spark Strengths Profiler” is a handy tool that identifies your key professional strengths, helping us to find the best job match. It also gives you the tools and confidence to better promote yourself at interview.

We know our partners

Because we have longstanding realtionships with many of our clients we know what sort of talent works well in their culture. We use this knowledge to help us make 'win-win' placements that create successful long-term partnerships for both the client and the candidate.


We value people

 We have four core values that underpin who we are and what we do Professionalism, respect, integrity and empathy. We treat you as a person, not a 'candidate'. This means appreciating your individual circumstances, contacting you when we say we will, and providing genuine career advice.

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“The professionalism of Spark’s Consultants helped me to find my job in just one week. They have the ability to understand my skill set and gave honest feedback at every stage of interview. I would highly recommend Spark Recruitment to all professionals who are looking for a bright career.”

Jibby George, Sun Solaris Engineer

“Spark helped me take the next step in my career, assisting with the right time to resign and a good transition into my new job. Spark’s communication and follow-up is excellent.”

Yohan Machado, Backup Consultant

“Spark is one of those rare agencies that walks the walk when it comes to doing everything to help. From arranging meetings and interviews, to assistance with payroll, insurances and other matters, Spark just gets it done. They communicate on upcoming events like contract renewals and are proactive and engaging. It feels like a real partnership working with Spark.”

Manuel Mellos, Systems Integrator, Spark Contractor