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We find you the right job, not just any job

Spark recruits for some of Australia's leading tech employers, from start-ups to global enterprise and everything in between.

As specialists in Software Engineering and IT Leadership, we work with a wide range of enterprises from specialist tech-led growth organisations to software engineering teams in major corporates. Our goal is to create successful long-term hires, and that's why we work hard to ensure that our candidates are a good fit for each unique cultural environment. We're proud to have longstanding relationships with many of our clients. ​

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We're specialists in Software Engineering

Whether you're a Big Data guru, a Java Developer or a CTO, you won't have to explain to us what you do.

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​​We know our partners

​We work hard to understand the culture of each company and team, and to place our candidates in environments where you can thrive.

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​We will find you the best job match

Our proprietary “Your Spark Strengths Profiler” is a handy tool that identifies your key professional strengths and preferred working style. This helps us to find the best job match and helps you to sell yourself at interview. (INSERT LINK)

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We value people

 We have four core values that underpin who we are and what we do; professionalism, respect, integrity and empathy. We seek to understand your individual circumstances and provide genuine career advice.

Contact us to speak to a Consultant who really listens

Because the best candidate isn’t always on the market, we’re skilled at finding the right specialists for each opportunity, which often means chatting to you when you aren't actively looking. Our focus is adding value to our partners and candidates by making strong matches and opening up productive dialogue.

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Software Development roles we recruit for:
  • Java Developers

  • Data Engineers

  • Software Engineers

  • Full-Stack Software Developers

  • Machine Learning Specialists

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IT Leadership roles we recruit for:
  • CTO Recruitment

  • Head of Software Engineering

  • Head of Data Science

  • Software Product Management

Handy Resources

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  • Check out our Blog

  • Gain tips advice from industry leaders in the Spark illuminate video series

  • Want some discrete career guidance? Speak to one of our candidate managers who will be happy to help.

  • “Spark has never tried to merely ‘fit’ a candidate in order to get a placement fee – they have nailed it each and every time”

    Chris Starsmeare, CEO, Diversus Group
  • “A standout aspect of Spark Recruitment is their precision in identifying a position that was well-aligned with my skills and career aspirations. They effectively matched me with a team and a company that suit my professional profile perfectly. This precise profiling and match-making process reflects their deep understanding of the IT/data industry..”

    Ethan Tao, Data Engineer
    Ethan Tao
  • “The process of job matching was remarkably tailored. Instead of bombarding me with irrelevant job openings, they only presented me with positions that closely aligned with my expertise and interests. This saved both my time and theirs, and it demonstrated their commitment to providing a personalized service.”

    Jiji Merry, Java Developer
  • “Spark are down to earth, easy to talk to and the contracting process was smooth. Spark payroll services are very prompt. I don’t have to even think about it, it just works.”

    David Every, Spark Contractor, Change Management
    Spark Contractor
  • “Spark is one of those rare agencies that walks the walk when it comes to doing everything to help. From arranging meetings and interviews, to assistance with payroll, insurances and other matters, Spark just gets it done. They communicate on upcoming events like contract renewals and are proactive and engaging. It feels like a real partnership working with Spark.”

    Manuel Mellos, Systems Integrator, Spark Contractor

Spark illuminate video series

Hear what leading IT companies are looking for.