Streamlined IT recruitment that delivers the right employee for your business​

Our goal is to find the best talent in Sydney

We have deep knowledge of our specialty fields and a stringent pre-selection process. Our high success rate has led to longstanding, exclusive relationships with many of our clients.


We genuinely care about your business and your culture, and  partner with you as your needs change. 


All candidates complete our Spark Strengths Profiler which provides greater insight around  cultural fit.


We will find the best person for the job, even if they're not in the market.


We help your team to choose the best talent for the long run, with helpful tools and rigorous pre-selection.

We care about your business.

At Spark we take time to understand your business, and your culture, in order to find you the best talent fit.  Because we are absolute specialists in our three pillars of Software Development, Business Technology and Infrastructure we are completely focused on who’s who in the field. Our rigorous pre-selection process is geared toward our goal of long-term success for both the candidate and the business. That’s why we meet our candidates in person and assess skills, experience, working style and career goals. 

We will find the best person for the job

We don’t just put an ad on seek and trawl through the applications. We use the best recruitment technology to connect us with those who have the specific skills you need.

Whether it’s contingent contract labour or a permanent role, our goal is to find you the best person for the job, and that person often isn’t in the market.

That’s why we have geared our team to specialise in specific skillsets and built an extensive, up-to-date database of over 20,000 I.T Professionals based in Sydney and all around Australia.

Our rigorous pre-selection helps us to find a strong cultural match.

All Spark Recruitment candidates complete our exclusive strengths profiling tool, “Your Spark.” It’s a valuable tool in helping us to find the best fit for clients and candidates.   Developed exclusively for Spark it gives unique insight into people’s working style and preferences. We use this insight, in conjunction with the resume as part of our pre-selection process. We also meet all shortlisted candidates in person. When you are discussing a candidate with us, you can be sure we will give you an honest perspective.

We help you to get more out of interviews.

 To help clients gain deeper insight at interview we provide resources around each profile type, and a bank of other related insights and tools for our clients. From writing a job spec, to salary insights and panel interview guidelines, we're here to help you get the best outcome.

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“Spark has never tried to merely ‘fit’ a candidate in order to get a placement fee – they have nailed it each and every time”

Chris Starsmeare, CEO, Diversus Group

“Spark’s no-nonsense approach to recruitment always results in candidates that meet our requirements. Their pre-selection screening process appears unparalleled within the ICT recruitment industry.”

Steven Rogers, Milestone Group