We make contracting straightforward and rewarding, and make sure you're  paid on time.

Contracting is an important part of the IT industry as it provides a contingent workforce for the variability of project work. 

 Contracting is an amazing way to experience different projects, companies and technologies with a big plus of being paid more .

Spark ensures contracting is straightforward and rewarding. We focus on understanding and exceeding the needs of our contractors and aim to be industry leaders in contractor care.

At Spark we understand that a contractor’s life can be stressful; with uncertainty around pay, contract renewals and all the intricacies of moving from one company to the next. Not only do we treat you like one of the Spark family, but we ensure that you are paid accurately on time, every time.

As a Spark contractor you have secure access to our web-based payroll management portal that provides timesheet tracking, pay history and more.

Our dedicated talent delivery team are on-hand to provide you with professional support and advice. We pride ourselves on the quality of our staff and on their ability to provide you with outstanding customer service.

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“Spark are down to earth, easy to talk to and the contracting process was smooth. Spark payroll services are very prompt. I don’t have to even think about it, it just works.”

David Every, Change Management, Spark Contractor