Considerations for changing jobs

Top Tips For Finding The Right Job

Finding a job that you love increases your chances of long-term career success. It also means you won’t have to look for a new job again in a hurry!

Here's some things to consider before you start searching for a new role.

What don’t you want?

  • Why are you leaving your old job? Is the new role sufficiently different?

Match the role with Your Spark

  • Will the role make use of your strengths and abilities?
  • Is the position compatible with your personality, interests and beliefs?
  • Will you be required to work autonomously or closely within a team? Does this style of working suit you best?
  • Are there opportunities to grow in this role, develop new skills and knowledge?
  • Will this work continue to interest and stimulate you in the future?

Salary & conditions

  • Is the proposed salary a reasonable match with your skills and experience?
  • Does the proposed salary help you meet your financial goals?
  • What other working conditions are important to you (hours, leave, flexibility)? What are the company policies for these?

Company structure & culture

  • What is the company culture – does it align with your own values?
  • Is the job based in a location you will enjoy working in and travelling to?
  • Is the company large, medium or small? Does this environment suit you?
  • Does the company have a strong financial position and growth plans for the future?

Career Progression

  • How is performance measured and how often it is reviewed?
  • Does the company offer mentorship, certifications, professional memberships, skills training or development programs?
  • Are there clear prospects for career advancement with the company or affiliated organisations?

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