Luke Singleton


I founded Spark Recruitment in 2009 because I saw the potential for a specialist agency who truly understood the IT needs of businesses. Having worked within the field of IT recruitment in Sydney since 1999, I sought to create a team of micro-specialists who could match top talent with the specific needs of individual businesses and I am proud to have created a strong team who are known for their ability to deliver.

I enjoy working in the technology space because I am genuinely interested in the potential for technology to both improve business performance and lead innovative change.  I am proud of the long-standing partnerships we have with many of our clients and our track-record of finding strong cultural fit for their teams.

As Director of Spark I am very hands-on in both the recruitment and the overall management of the business. This includes training staff and ensuring they have the systems and support to perform in their roles. I seek to create an environment where people can develop and thrive whilst maintaining good work-life balance.  When I’m not at work you can often find me out riding a bike or chasing my children around a park.

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