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Upcoming Webinar - Leading a motivated and engaged team when working from home

Posted 4 months ago by Lucy Singleton




Wednesday April 29, 10:30-11am

With the unprecendented disruptions of Covid-19 many companies have made a rapid adjustment to working from home models. As this new way of working has now been established, leaders are now addressing the challenge of making it sustainable for the medium term. From an IT perspective pair-programming and collaboration are often entrenched in the culture, so how do organisations drive the engagement and motivation they need from a distance? and what opportunities does it open up?

We are excited to present this exclusive Webinar with Evelyn Jackson, an expert in the area of employee engagement and energy. Evelyn will be sharing tips and perspective on how you and your team can support each other to increase employee energy and motivation in the coming weeks and months.

We'd love for you to join us, please click on the attached link where you can bookmark the event in your diary.

Evelyn is a business strategist with strong Organisational Design, Strategy, Culture and Leadership Expertise. Evelyn has led HR functions in complex multi-nationals across the globe. As the CEO of Corporate Crayon, Evelyn is dedicated to helping organisations grow with insights and practical programs to inspire work that matters. She is also the founder and CEO of Find My Meaning,  a learning & development organisation that supports individuals and their leaders work and live better. 

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